Oat shortbread

shortbread really … Oat shortbread

Welcome Friends welcome back to the kitchen. Year's the big disappointment for me um this holiday season was that. I didn't go anywhere where anyone had made shortbread and I didn't get a chance to make any myself so I'm gonna make shortbread but since I've made shortbread so many times and I've done so much research on true. Scottish shortbread in my cookbook collection going back to the you know 1700s and I've read manuscript Scottish manuscript recipes going back into the 1600s.

I know what shortbread is was and how it's morphed over the years and what it's become so I thought it's open season on shortbread I can do whatever I want as long as it's got butter and some combination of flowers. I can call it shortbread so today I'm going to use um rice flour which is historically correct for Scottish shortbread starting at about 1680 going to the 1940s when it fell out of favor.

I'm going to use Brown oat flour really fine Brown oat flour and some regular old flour so in the stand mixer I've got some butter and we're going to cream that and now that butter is softened up I'm going to add in some super fine sugar and so superfine sugar is not powdered sugar or icing sugar powdered sugar or icing sugar has corn starch in it which keeps it from clumping this is just a really finely ground granulated sugar sometimes called fruit sugar sometimes called quick dissolving sugar sometimes just called super fine uh it goes by a bunch of different names depending on where you are where you live what brand you're buying next in is going to be some rice flour and then the oat flour and now the all-purpose wheat flour I'm gonna spoon this in a little bit at a time and let it get absorbed it's going to be very tough for the mixer to mix all of this in and I will end up scraping down the sides a couple of times.

Just to make sure that I've got it all Incorporated foreign okay I think that's it so let's get rid of the mixer okay we'll put a little flower down on our bench and then get our dough out here so I just want to knead it just a little bit and you want to pick up some of the flour that's on the bench you don't want to build up too much gluten although the oat flour and the rice flour are going to prevent that really from happening but you do want to get that last bit of flour in here and you want it to almost crack as you're working with it and then.

I like forming it into a disc like this and then cutting out Petticoat Tails out of it so now we need to get this onto the baking tray there we go onto the baking tray and I pricked that all over with a fork okay the oven is preheated to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and I'm just going to pop this in and we'll see you in a little while okay now right out of the oven I take a pizza cutter and cut this into smaller pieces there we go hey friends we got cookies and soup we got soup can we try what are we doing first let's start with the cookies because then we can have soup and actually go and sit down and enjoy the soup for supper I thought maybe we're just gonna have just a lot of just just start with the cookies okay you know um I'm in so it's a it's a shortbread okay of sort clearly.

I like that you did it in the round I like it around although it's really challenging sometimes I find it to get to get it yeah I just need a little piece of that I don't think I need a dirty snack no oh I guess you can't because I couldn't you couldn't take out an extra no Okay so okay so there's lots of ways to make shortbread and how they are in the tongue depends on the flower it doesn't feel like it's the rice flour version it is rice flour okay but what's the other kind of flour okay so that adds the difference I use brown rice flour too not just not the regular rice flour that we use okay so it's not the usual recipe because usually I find it easy to pick out the difference between the rice lover version and the one that's just flour butter sugar but this one has oh eating that fast enough oh my goodness I'm thinking okay nice and crumbly it's got that melt in your on your tongue feeling.

I could have cooked it a little bit longer I maybe took it out of the oven too soon but not the way the rice and not the way. I think it's more like the butter and flour version not crunchy kind of layered layered crunchyness to it it's got really good flavor it's a good cookie it's got oats and brown rice oats and brown rice so is it gluten-free then no because there's still flour in it okay you can make it completely gluten free you could leave the you could up the other two flowers leave the wheat flour out but then you'd have to add in like xanthan gum or something in order to kind of give it a little bit of structure that is really good though you know shortbread I think I say it every time we tend to only make it on special occasions and yet it's easy to make and.

I absolutely love it so I don't I clearly need to make it more often this four ingredient shortbread will blow your mind there you go but that's it I mean it's just so easy it's it really is well no there's five because I used three different kinds of flowers butter and sugar sorry this five ingredient s we speak it's really good um and you can play with the flowers to bring slightly different flavors to it are you sure we couldn't have this instead of an actual meal in lieu of soup we could have the soup tomorrow we'll just eat the cookie but I think we should have the soup okay so play with your food play with your flowers thanks for stopping by see you again soon..