Brain fritters

brains really … Brain fritters

Welcome Friends welcome back to the kitchen welcome back to Sunday morning in the old cookbook show today we're going to do a recipe out of this cookbook uh this is the shower cookery book improved 8th Edition published in 1939 in Australia this is an excellent all-round cookbook um it has tons of recipes in it like it is jam-packed with recipes for all kinds of things not a lot of descriptions about the recipes um very no-nonsense straightforward approach to to the recipes and today we're going to make something called mock brain fritters now um we've cooked brains on the show in the past and I gotta tell you I wasn't a fan of the cooked brains I didn't like the texture um there wasn't really a whole lot of flavor to them the flavor came from the stuff that you added in and I'm looking at this recipe and I'm thinking this could work for me it's almost like the mock sausage patties that we made a while back that used grape nuts so it asked to put some drippings in a pot.

I've got those in there they're melted. I've got a tiny little bit of onion so that goes in and we're supposed to we're supposed to fry it just until it softens the recipe tells us not to let it brown so I've added a little bit of salt I'm going to add some pepper uh most of the flavor in this dish really comes from the dripping so I'm using bacon drippings and I mean that looks pretty good it's softened and I don't want to cook it too much you don't want to really get any any color on there because the recipe tells me not to so I'm going to add in this is some hot water and I need to bring this up to a boil and if you start it with hot water it comes to a boil really quickly now we add rolled oats and I'll just give that a little bit of a stir now we're supposed to boil this for half an hour so I'm going to turn the heat down to just that it's barely boiling and I'm assuming since we're going to cook this for half an hour I should put a lid on it um because I don't want all of the moisture to boil off right away we're going to boil this I would think completely to Mush so I'll see you back here in half an hour okay after 30 minutes of boiling it's not quite as mushy as I thought it was going to be so let's move on so what I'm supposed to do now is spread this out on a plate and let it cool so we'll get it out spread it out and we'll come back when it's cool enough to handle now I'm supposed to portion this out into round patties um doesn't really say how big so we'll just.

I don't know that big Maybe and then I'm supposed to dip the Patty in some egg and then some bread crumbs and then fry it in some smoking hot fat and a lot of the flavor I imagine is coming from the fat that you fried in. I'm using bacon grease again and so I'll just flip these over oh nice and brown hey Glenn. Burgers veggie burgers mock brains mock brains they look like that like I first I thought they look like burgers yep like a breaded chicken yep no mock brains so. I'm supposed to cook these still with smoking hot fat you sort of run that you run that risk of halfway between burnt burnt and yeah well Okay so we've had brains yes and I vaguely remember them being kind of soft and mushy yeah and not this texture which was I find this is interesting so. I mean there's there are recipes in here for brain fritters where you use a brain you basically go through the same process and then fry it this is just oatmeal well you know maybe it's the texture inside because it's got that kind of ripply yeah um I can't think of the right word for oh how brains are folded back in on themselves yeah yeah oh okay yeah it tastes like oatmeal fried in bacon fat I think I would put some Jam On It because it's kind of you know it's oatmeal it is just oatmeal it's oatmeal without the maple syrup or the sugar brown sugar or the fruit or whatever it is you put in your oatmeal but you could take this completely in the Savory.

Direction because there's always oh I hadn't considered that only salt and pepper in here right so this you could fill it with with all sorts of so I was thinking to the the mock sausage patties that we did with the grape nuts those were good those were good and so really good if you put that type of spicing or herbs into it because right now it is exceedingly plain it could be a veggie could be a vegetarian for a lot of different things so don't use the.

Bacon Fat use well yeah right I do miss that point yeah you know don't use the. Bacon Fat you don't dip it in the egg the recipe says you could dip it in egg or milk so you could dip it in almond milk I think you just have to get the outside wet so the breadcrumbs stick and then take it completely in a Savory. Direction with you know poultry seasoning which I think I'd really like yes you would you know yes you would but you could you could do all kinds of things to it fennel yeah with hot yeah yeah um so I. I think it's a good like a lot of recipes from the 1930s it's a good starting point that you could take in a in a New Direction and they probably expected the home cook to add that little bit of flair themselves so mock Brains. I would say mock brains are definitely better than you though yeah definitely better than real brains yes perhaps better than you thought they were going to be well yeah yeah I mean it's it's a great vehicle but you know a little bit plain as is a little bit thanks for stopping by see you again soon definitely fried yeah.